Great Egret, Fort De Soto_93E6650

Not necessarily a migrating species, the egret can be seen almost in every water hole, and many photos have been previously posted by me, but I could not resit capturing that elegant pose.

Great Egret, Fort De Soto, Fl._93E6650

Marbled Gotwit, Fort De Soto_93E6650

This bird species differs from other shorebirds and easily identified by its long beak.  Didn’t see many of them and almost missed that shot, (last 2 on that card) because I was running out of card and my supply of cards were accidentally left in the car.  Big mistake.

Marbled Godwit, Fort De Soto Park, Fl._93E7345-2

Marbled Godwit, Fort De Soto Park, Fl._93E7345