Pearson’s Falls, Saluda, North Carolina_93E9857

This 90-ft. waterfall is located in the foothills amid 268 acres of virgin forest and spring-fed streams. A moderate 1/4-mile trail leads to the waterfall – make time to enjoy the cool, misty glen. On the way up to the falls, observe more than 200 species of fern, flowering plants, algae and moss in the wildflower preserve. Sit on a bench and feel the peacefulness of this natural sanctuary as you listen to the water and the birds.

Pearson's Falls, Saluda, North Carolina__93E9857-2


Pearson's Falls, Saluda, North Carolina__93E9857-3


Pearson's Falls, Saluda, North Carolina__93E9857-4


Pearson's Falls, Saluda, North Carolina__93E9857-5


Pearson's Falls, Saluda, North Carolina__93E9857



Great Smoky Mountains, Whitewater Falls_93E9963

Discover the East’s king of Waterfalls after a half-mile paved walkway and watch it cascade over massive rock pillars and drop 411 feet to the river below.  This sight was just magnificent from the top of the trail overlook,

Great Smoky Mountains Whitewater Falls_93E9963-1

From a lower overlook located at the bottom of 154 wooden steps (total 308 steps) but worth the view. One can rest on bench along the way.  It’s worth every effort, even with a tripod and heavy camera and lenses.

Great Smoky Mountains Whitewater Falls_93E9963-3

Whitewater Falls on the Whitewater River is the last river in the Jocassee Gorge area just before you reach South Carolina. Some sources say it’s the highest falls east of the Mississippi river.

Great Smoky Mountains Whitewater Falls_93E9963-4


Great Smoky Mountains Whitewater Falls_93E9963-7



Great Smoky Mountains Dry Falls_93E9926

Dry Falls was impressive.  After quite a bit of rain the Cullasaja River was roaring over this waterfall. Dry Falls is another one that can be seen from the highway.  Parking is available.  This shot was taken from a boardwalk viewing platform one step down the parking lot.

Great Smoky Mountains Dry Falls Waterfalls_93E9906

This shot requires walking down a trail (staircase), not too strenuous however, which leads you to behind the waterfalls, and depending on the strength of the water, you may get wet, but not too much.  In warmer temperature, the mist can be welcome.

Great Smoky Mountains Dry Falls Waterfalls_93E9906-2


Great Smoky Mountains Dry Falls Waterfalls_93E9906-3

Shot from behind the waterfalls.

Great Smoky Mountains Dry Falls Waterfalls_93E9906-4

Boarded trail behind the waterfalls to prevent accident.

Great Smoky Mountains Dry Falls_93E9926

Great Smoky Mountains Bridal Veil Waterfalls_93E9882

The next waterfalls as you enter the Cullasaja River Gorge is off the highway.  Recommended to park your car and with lots of caution (very dangerous at this section) to cross the street to have a complete view of the falls.

Great Smoky Mountains Bridal Veil Waterfalls_93E9882-2

Best to see during the Spring when there is plenty of water.

Great Smoky Mountains Bridal Veil Waterfalls_93E9882-3

There is enough room behind the waterfalls to drive a car behind it.

Great Smoky Mountains Bridal Veil Waterfalls_93E9882-4

Great Smoky Mountains Bridal Veil Waterfalls_93E9882

The bottom of the waterfalls.

Great Smoky Mountains Bridal Veil Waterfalls_93E9882-6

Dark Eyed Junco, IMG_6775

Dark Eyed Junco birds, a genus of small grayish American sparrows. are very popular in the Clingmans Dome area. Adults generally have gray heads, necks, and breasts, gray or brown backs and wings, and a white belly, but show a confusing amount of variation in plumage details. The white outer tail feathers flash distinctively in flight and while hopping on the ground. The bill is usually pale pinkish.

Dark Eyed Junco, IMG_6775-2

Dark Eyed Junco, IMG_6775