Warren Covered Bridge, Vermont-93E1819

he Warren Covered Bridge is a wooden covered bridge that crosses the Mad River in Warren, Vermont on Covered Bridge Road. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1974.  easy to miss while driving the Scenic Route 100 Byway.

Warren Covered Bridge Vermont-93E1819-2

This trusses on this bridge are covered not only on the outside, but on the inside as well… one of only two bridges left in the state with similar construction (the other being the School House Covered Bridge).

Warren Covered Bridge Vermont-93E1819-3

Warren Covered Bridge Vermont-93E1819-4

Warren Covered Bridge Vermont-93E1819

Moss Glen Falls, Granville Vermont-93E1795

This falls cascades more than 30 feet into a large pool to create this unique landform.  Located in the Granville Reservation which encompasses the forests and waters along both sides of Vermont Scenic Route 100 Byway for six miles.  This unique habitat is also well known for its richness in wildlife where white-tailed deer, moose, black bear etc…  call this area home.

Moss Glen Falls, Granville, Vermont-93E1795

Green, Brown & Yellow, Vermont- 93E1726

During my hiking in Quechee Gorge and stepping on thousand of fallen leaves, I couldn’t pass this opportunity to capture this unusual vision.  Perhaps these green leaves were placed earlier by another hiker, or simply a choice of nature.  The sun filtering through the forest created a bright reflection on the green leaves.

Green, Brown & Yellow, Vermont- 93E1726-2

Green, Brown & Yellow, Vermont- 93E1726-3

Green, Brown & Yellow, Vermont- 93E1726-4

Green, Brown & Yellow, Vermont- 93E1726