Good to be back from my latest excursion

Hello everyone.  Needless to say that I miss posting photos to my site which I know most of you enjoy so much.  While I was away, I spent time visiting and “like” most of your posts as well.  This time, I drove within three (3) US states such as North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia, via the natural beauty and authentic mountain culture of the Blue Ridge Parkway from Asheville NC starting at mile marker 372 going north to the end 0. Later on thru the Skyline Drive which crosses the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia.  Skyline Drive is a continuation of the Blue Ridge Parkway although separate from the BRP.  It runs 105 miles north and south along the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Shenandoah National Park and is the only public road through the park. It takes about three hours to travel the entire length of the park on a clear day.  The Blue Ridge Parkway shows a scenic corridor of 469 miles length in its entirety and is considered America’s favorite scenic drive and the most beautiful parkway in the United States.   A good portion of my time was with family with day excursions. South Carolina was a short 2 days stay to watch the “Solar Eclipse,” which turned out to be a bummer for me from a photographer’s viewpoint.  Right in the middle of the eclipse, a very tick and large cloud surfaced and obstructed the view of the sun and moon for a significant number of people who came in that particular spot to experience the eclipse.  What a disappointment?  One has to respect “mother nature.”  Nothing one can do about it and complain will not bring the moment back.  One will have to wait the next seven (7) years to experience that event again, provided that “lady luck” is on one side.  It was nevertheless a unique moment to share that experience and especially when for only few minutes the earth was plunged in total darkness.  Street light poles and cars were turned on , crickets were singing and from the horizon I caught a sunset.  It was all magical and just like that, it was daylight again.

Carved Figures in La Boca, Buenos Aires, MG_0081

Figure of Santos Vega, perhaps a troubadour carved on a wall in La Boca, seen by million tourists strolling through Caminito street.

Statues of La Boca, Buenos Aires MG_0081-2

Statues of La Boca, Buenos Aires MG_0081-3

Statues of La Boca, Buenos Aires MG_0081-6

Statues of La Boca, Buenos Aires MG_0081-1

A colorful carved figure of the famous painter who encouraged the neighbors to paint the dwellings in bold, bright colors.

Statues of La Boca, Buenos Aires MG_0081-5

A reminder from the Mother of the children iconic scarf painted on a wall in La Boca.

Statues of La Boca, Buenos Aires MG_0081-4

Colorful Building Façades, Rio MG_8900

Colonial architecture is more prevalent in this area of Rio, called Lapa.  The neighborhood of Lapa, known as the cradle of bohemian Rio is also famous for its architecture, starting with the Arcos – known as the Arcos da Lapa, constructed to act as conduit in the days of colonial Brazil and now serve as a signal for the cable cars that climb the hill of Santa Teresa.

Colorful Building Façades of Rio, MG_8900-2

Colorful Building Façades of Rio, MG_8900

Colorful Colonial Building Façades of Rio, MG_8938-2

Colorful Colonial Building Façades of Rio, MG_8938