Early morning Spider Web_93E7664

Easy to detect on early foggy morning and by the time the sun is high, they tend to disappear.

Early morning Spider Web_93E7664-2


Early morning Spider Web_93E7664

Hanging by a thread, Saluda, North Carolina, 93E0913

The thread is hardly seen, but it is there if you look closely.  The spider was hanging motionless awaiting perhaps for a prey, his meal of the day.

Hanging by a thread, Saluda North Carolina, 93E0913-2

Trying to get the spider’s reaction, I touched it gently to capture this shot.

Hanging by a thread, Saluda North Carolina, 93E0913


I find it almost impossible to name this spider, although I tried in different guides with no result. I found some a bit similar, but I had to give up. The search was too extensive to a point that I felt stuck in this web. I tend to think it’s a Florida native, but again…

Spider _ 93E4320


Spider _ 93E4325


Spider _ 93E4329


Spider _ 93E4331