Armada de Chile Blgd, Valparaiso, MG_0951

Known as the Building of the Intendence of Valparaiso, which was the name given when it was built, this a building of a french neo-classical of 5 floors located in the “Plaza Sotomayor of Valparaiso” in front of the Monument to the Heroes of Iquique, a port city and commune in Northern Chile.

Armada de Chile Bldg, Valparaiso, MG_0951

Front Royal,Virginia-93E1238

There’s plenty to see and do in Front Royal. It is the northern gateway to the Shenandoah Valley and Shenandoah National Park,a city where one can enjoy all that the crown jewel of outdoor recreation and the Canoe Capital of Virginia has to offer: among other things spectacular caverns and more.

Front Royal, Virginia-93E1238-2

Front Royal, Virginia-93E1238-4

Front Royal, Virginia-93E1238-5

Front Royal, Virginia-93E1238-6

Front Royal, Virginia-93E1238-7

Front Royal, Virginia-93E1238

Front Royal, Virginia-93E1238-3