Artist at work-Saluda, NC-93E0755

The main street of Saluda is a bustling hub of newly formed restaurants and art galleries.   This gentleman was kind enough to let me take a few shot of him while working on this pot.  His store is full of great pieces clay pots and more.

Artist at work, Saluda North Carolina, 93E0755-2

Artist at work, Saluda North Carolina, 93E0755-3

Artist at work, Saluda North Carolina, 93E0755

La Boca Neighborhood, Buenos Aires MG_0060

Colorful balcony house with shop below.

La Boca , Buenos Aires MG_0060-1

La Boca , Buenos Aires MG_0060-2

Colorful façade and mural below.

La Boca , Buenos Aires MG_0060-3

A brightly painted mural in a small park around Caminito street.

La Boca , Buenos Aires MG_0060-4

Despite the colorful façades, evidence of a neglected La Boca neighborhood.

La Boca , Buenos Aires MG_0060-5

Sichuan Opera Show, Chengdu, MG_3208

This is an event that is quite popular in Chengdu, and if you go there, you would not want to miss it.  It is a unique and fascinating presentation which conveys the idea of time and space.  The best display is the unique skills portrayed by those artists to what is called: Changing Faces.  Pay attention to the artists face in the following pictures.  You will noticed the changing of the mask color.  Believe me this only takes a fraction of a second with sometimes a pirouette or a position change in the action.  FABULOUS.


Changing face from White to Aqua.