Happy New Year 2017

To my friends, bloggers and followers, I take this opportunity to wish you all the best for this coming year full of hope, good health and prosperity as well as a very productive year of wonderful photography to grace our WordPress site.

Off to a well relaxed and entertaining 11 days Panama Canal cruise.  All the best till I return, hoping that meanwhile I ‘ll be missed just a bit.

The Mall, Central Park, NY MG_1424

A walkway leading to the beautiful Bethesda Terrace, the Central Park Mall runs through the middle of the Park from 66th to 72nd street.


Once referred to as an “open air hall of reception” by its creators, the Mall was specially designed to accommodate the width of carriages passing through its bounds. Around the turn of the century, these carriages would drop off their wealthy inhabitants at the Mall’s starting point, where they could enjoy the natural scenery and mingle with people of lesser status. When these visitors finally reached the Bethesda Terrace, their carriages would be waiting to bring them to their next destination.


Incense Burner, Lhasa MG_3659

Placed in the middle of a square, incense burners release that fragrant smoke when burned throughout the day.  This burners can be found in many other locations and particularly in religious temples, squares etc.  The incense burning ceremony generates mystical aromas used by Buddhist Monks in their purification rites.  Faith carries a heavy significance in this part of the world.



Giant Incense Burner MG_2326

Bronze Lion in front of Imperial Palace and other government buildings are common representation of strength as they were believed to have powerful protective benefits. The male in this photo with his paw upon a ball depicts supremacy over the world and the female, not photographed here, but at a different venue, restraining a cub on his back represents nurture.

Chinese Garden Lion- Forbidden City, Beijing MG_2310

This large Copper Bowl was used to fill up with water for conservation and other usage.

Copper Bowl- Forbidden City, Beijing MG_2342

Giant Incense Burner

Giant Incense Burner Forbidden City, Beijing MG_2326

Sundial used in Pre-modern China to tell the time by measuring the shadow cast by the sun.

Sundial- Forbidden City, Beijing MG_2332