Dark Eyed Junco, IMG_6775

Dark Eyed Junco birds, a genus of small grayish American sparrows. are very popular in the Clingmans Dome area. Adults generally have gray heads, necks, and breasts, gray or brown backs and wings, and a white belly, but show a confusing amount of variation in plumage details. The white outer tail feathers flash distinctively in flight and while hopping on the ground. The bill is usually pale pinkish.

Dark Eyed Junco, IMG_6775-2

Dark Eyed Junco, IMG_6775

Cedar Waxing Bird at Clingmans Dome, IMG_6809

Cedar waxing bird is a species I have been trying to capture fro a long time.  I was happy to spot it.  Unfortunately, he was perched too far for a better look.  It is a medium-sized, mostly brown, gray, and yellow bird named for its wax-like wing tips. Such a beauty.

Cedar Waxing Bird at Clingmans Dome , IMG_6809-2

Cedar Waxing Bird at Clingmans Dome , IMG_6809