Blooming Phalaenopsis Orchids,MG_9548

By special request from one of my favorite blogger.  All flowers raised on my garden patio. Annica, This is for you. Enjoy.

Blooming Phalaenopsis, MG_9548-2Blooming Phalaenopsis, MG_9548-3Blooming Phalaenopsis, MG_9548-4Blooming Phalaenopsis, MG_9548-5Blooming Phalaenopsis, MG_9548

3 thoughts on “Blooming Phalaenopsis Orchids,MG_9548

  1. I used to have more species and varities,and had lots of blooming, but the care requires lots of time and i’m too busy with other things. So, now my wife takes over for the most part, and I help when I can. Thanks for your kind words Annica.


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