Great Smoky Mountains, Whitewater Falls_93E9963

Discover the East’s king of Waterfalls after a half-mile paved walkway and watch it cascade over massive rock pillars and drop 411 feet to the river below.  This sight was just magnificent from the top of the trail overlook,

Great Smoky Mountains Whitewater Falls_93E9963-1

From a lower overlook located at the bottom of 154 wooden steps (total 308 steps) but worth the view. One can rest on bench along the way.  It’s worth every effort, even with a tripod and heavy camera and lenses.

Great Smoky Mountains Whitewater Falls_93E9963-3

Whitewater Falls on the Whitewater River is the last river in the Jocassee Gorge area just before you reach South Carolina. Some sources say it’s the highest falls east of the Mississippi river.

Great Smoky Mountains Whitewater Falls_93E9963-4


Great Smoky Mountains Whitewater Falls_93E9963-7



4 thoughts on “Great Smoky Mountains, Whitewater Falls_93E9963

  1. I agree,definitely worth the trek, Alix! You have given me hope, I’m in my first year of recovery for one knee replacement from an accident. I’m so worried about being able to get back to hiking and climbing.


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