Black Bear and Cub_93E0141

And that’s when it suddenly happened.  While slowly driving, and with my eagle-eye vision (I can’t believe I’m saying that while I am waiting for cataract surgery) I notice a movement in the weeds and from a distance.  I post that first shot without cropping so you can have an idea of the distance and focus on the middle of the picture for a black spot.  I was using at that time my Canon 70-200mm Lens.

Black Bear and Cub_93E0141-1

That black spot was this magnificent mother bear.  My joy… can’t be described. You get the picture.  I had time to switch to my 100-400mm Lens for a closer shot and that I got.

Black Bear and Cub_93E0141-2

Black Bear and Cub_93E0141-3

Black Bear and Cub_93E0141-4

Black Bear and Cub_93E0141-5

Black Bear and Cub_93E0141-6

And this site is beyond the joy I felt when I saw Mom.  But there was more surprises along the way.

Black Bear and Cub_93E0141-7

8 thoughts on “Black Bear and Cub_93E0141

  1. I giggled out loud at your eagle eye/cataract comment, and then to read on as your excitement built, and then to see your captures, I am in awe! Right place, right time!! Momma Bear looks healthy and gorgeous; the baby, oh how adorable! Definitely a moment in time you will not forget, and then to have photos, WOW! 🙂

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