Osprey Holding the Fort_93E6089

Shots taken from my latest visit to the Everglades National Park couple of weeks ago.  I was faced with at least 6 different Osprey nests in almost the same area.  I chose the easiest one to capture this wonderful bird.  The nest was so close and one felt like it could be touched, a heaven for nature photographers.  I took so many shots that I have now a hard time in decision making to post the best of them.  Bear with me people, you’ll have some great shots to admire hopefully.

Osprey Holding the Fort_93E6089-2

There were two juveniles in the nest, (difference in feather colors) and big enough to start flying soon.

Osprey Holding the Fort_93E6089-3

Osprey Holding the Fort_93E6089

4 thoughts on “Osprey Holding the Fort_93E6089

  1. Beautiful close-ups! I could never tire of Osprey captures! I’ve had the best opportunities photographing them up close when on our boat, slowly drifting up to their nest. I so wish the nest off our balcony wasn’t a couple hundred feet away….I lose so much detail!


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