Turtle in my backyard, MG_2091

I get all types of visitors in my backyard.  This time, that big Yello-bellied turtle also name slider was trying to go under the fence and I caught it and placed it upward against the sprinkler guard protector to take the shot before releasing it to the backyard lake.  They are basically harmless unless provoked.

The yellow-bellied slider is a land and water turtle belonging to the family Emydidae. This subspecies of pond slider is native to the southeastern United States, specifically from Florida to southeastern Virginia,  and is the most common turtle species in its range.  It is found in a wide variety of habitats, including slow-moving rivers, floodplain swamps, marshes, seasonal wetlands, and permanent ponds.   Yellow-bellied sliders are popular as pets.

Turtle in my Backyard, MG_2091

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