One’s not enough, IMG_1077

How lucky can one be.  I have wanted that for a number of years and finally, it happened unexpectedly last week.  I have to admit that I was taken off guard , I grabbed my new Canon M5 Mirrorless camera and a 18-150 mm Lens and started shooting with no tripod trying the best I could to capture them together.  That was the challenge.  I unfortunately missed quite a number of shots, first trying to accommodate myself with the new camera and secondly trying to find them in the viewfinder in front of the bushes.  They hardly touched the feeder, that would have been easier.  Hummingbirds are very territorial birds and they were fighting I think to protect their favorite spot.  The first picture shows the closest they came to the feeder.

A total nightmare, but what an excitement!!!  The adrenaline was running very high.  I am confident it will happen again before the season ends. I hope.


One's not enough, IMG_1077-2

A bit difficult to capture them at such distance (being so small and so fast) and also flying with such speed and far away sometimes from each other.  You get the pictures.

One's not enough, IMG_1077

2 thoughts on “One’s not enough, IMG_1077

  1. Very easy. One part of sugar for 4 parts of water, stir while warming to dilute the sugar. Your nectar is ready. One can buy some prepared solution in stores, but I have more luck with my now. works better and cheaper too. Too bad, you don’t have this bird in Sweden. It’s a real joy to look at. To all that, you need patience. Thanks for asking.


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