Downtown Saluda, North Carolina-93E0040

Saluda, where the Foothills end & the Blue Ridge begins, that what describes this little quaint town.

The City of Saluda is located in both Henderson and Polk counties in the state of North Carolina . The population was 713 at the 2010 census.  Saluda is famous for sitting at the top of theNorfolk Southern Railway’s Saluda Grade, which was the steepest main line standard gauge railroad line in the United States until Norfolk Southern ceased operations on the line in 2001.The main street of Saluda is a bustling hub of newly formed restaurants and art galleries.

Downtown Saluda, North Carolina-93E0040-2Downtown Saluda, North Carolina-93E0040Downtown Saluda, North Carolina-93E0758-2Downtown Saluda, North Carolina-93E0758-3Downtown Saluda, North Carolina-93E0758-4Downtown Saluda, North Carolina-93E0758-5

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