Say Hello to my Little Friend

Quoting a line from the famous movie “Scarface”, the Ruby-throated hummingbird migrates every year to Florida (from October to May) to breed and grace us with their feisty attitude and energy.  Imagine my joy when I spot them the first time in my dedicated Butterfly & Hummingbird Garden, to greet me so to speak.

I consider them a photographer’s challenge to capture them sharply in flight and constant hopping movement.  These pictures were taken over couple of weeks and these are among over hundred of different shots… and the fun continues till the end of May, where I will accumulate over thousand of pictures taken.  Hope you enjoy.

Click on pictures to see them in larger size and individually.

3 thoughts on “Say Hello to my Little Friend

  1. Good luck Belinda. You will be thrilled after getting a real sharp shot of this bird. In Costa Rica for example, you see them by dozen, but here in my neck of the wood, it’s one every 30 sometimes 45 minutes before they appear for nectar, and you are lucky if you get to take a shot. That is why I mentioned it’s a photographer’s challenge. But I keep at it, cause I love those little creatures. And you need time and patience. Thank you and keep shooting.


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