Red & Blue Central Park , NY MG_1240

Peak color is vibrant in the season of color and light.


Central Park and Manhattan Skyline, NY- MG_1219

One of these spots in the Park, where this fantastic view of the nearby skyscrapers.  Panoramic shots blended to this spectacular view and standing high on one of those huge boulders found in the park, which allows great elevation for panoramic views.  Below on the left is the Wollman Ice Skating Rink.


Sheep Meadow Central Park , NY MG_1219

Sheep Meadow is a historical site in the Park.  Originally, Sheep Meadow was naturally rocky and swampy, and the designers converted the terrain into a smooth meadow by blasting the rock outcrops and adding two feet of new surface soil. Sheep Meadow was the most costly construction undertaken in the new park.


Sheep Meadow, Central Park NY MG_1221

This area of the Park is known for its tumultuous history with regard to demonstrations, protests and political movements over the last century.  A place known by many for legendary outdoor concerts, TV events and more.  Today, people use the facility to sunbathe, picnicking, kite flying and other up to date recreational activities.