Portrait of a Tibetan Woman, Lhasa MG_3677

Tibetans tend to be conservative in their dress, and though some have taken to wearing Western clothes, traditional styles still abound. Women wear dark-colored wrap dresses over a blouse, and a colorfully striped, woven wool apron, called pangden signals that she is married. Men and women both wear long sleeves even in the hot summer months.  “Except for the lamas and for certain laymen who shave their heads, the Tibetans wear their hair either long or in a braid wound around their heads and embellished with a complicated pattern of lesser braids which make the whole thing look like some sort of crown”.


I am not trying to generalize, but I have found the Tibetans people more humble and kind in comparison to the Chinese.  They look at visitors with a sincere and easy way.  When traveling with cameras and special lenses, you tend to attract attention, generally speaking, but in Tibet, this attention was a way for them to give you, the foreigner, the green light in order to capture them in their world.  This woman and as many others that crossed my path, were encouraging me to take that shot with their gentle smiling faces.


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