Olympic Park, The Water Cube Beijing MG_2603

The Beijing National Aquatics Center or “Water Cube” hosted the swimming, diving and synchronized swimming events. It has a capacity of 6,000 (17,000 during the 2008 Olympics) and is located next to the National Stadium. Despite its nickname, the building is not an actual cube, but a cuboid (a rectangular box). It will become later the site of the curling competitions during the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Olympic Park, The Water Cube, Beijing MG_2603

Olympic Park Observation Tower, Beijing MG_2600

This photo and the following two structures were taken from the nearby highway overpass. No time to really explore the Olympic Park area. Just a brief stop along the way to capture these photos.
The Observation Tower with five circular roofs are meant to evoke the Olympic rings; although it has also been described as “a huge nail”. It is the sixth tallest observation tower in China and the 22nd highest in the world. Visitors can look out over the park and the entire city of Beijing from all five platforms, ranging from 186 to 243 metres (610 to 797 ft) in height.

Olympic Park Observation Tower, Beijing MG_2600

Street of Beijing, MG_2586

Traffic jam in China is a driver’s nightmare 24 hours a day. Driving on the freeway/expressway bumper to bumper is an understatement. Traffic congestion is routinely causing bottleneck effect situations forcing drivers to get stuck in their car for long period of time. I have seen worst situations than what these photos describe. Just to give you an idea…

Street of Beijing MG_2586-2Street of Beijing MG_2586-1Street of Beijing MG_2586-3

Ming Tombs Site Beijing MG_2564

A very scenic area outside of Beijing City where the Ming Tombs site is located with the impressive Tianshou Mountain as background. Inside one finds a number of mausoleums of buried Emperors of the Ming Dynasty. This is a well preserved area. They thought by choosing this place that the constant view of the beautiful Tianshou Mountain would bring peace to their souls, a tradition of Chinese culture.

Ming Tombs Site Beijing MG_2564


This complex in this photo symbolize the Mausoleum of Emperor Zhu Di, the first Emperor of the Ming Dynasty.

Ming Tombs Site Beijing MG_2564-2

Woman in Chinese Costume, Beijing MG_2521

This beautiful lady spotted me while I was taking pictures of the Great Wall.  She approached me with her stunning smile and waved suggesting that I photograph her. Unfortunately, due to language barriers, I could not find out details about her striking outfit and “tribe.” A charming moment we both had thanking her for the opportunity to capture her kindness and joyful spirit.

Woman in Chinese Costume, Beijing MG_2521Woman in Chinese Costume, Beijing MG_2521-4Woman in Chinese Costume, Beijing MG_2521-3Woman in Chinese Costume, Beijing MG_2521-2