Other Buildings beyond Mao’s Mausoleum

All the buildings embrace the red and yellow colors  The yellow roofs are of glazed tiles all over.

There is a significance in the color Yellow in traditional Chinese culture. The earliest ancestor of the Chinese race was the “Yellow Emperor.” Chinese culture originated on the “Yellow Plateau,” the cradle of the Chinese nation was the “Yellow River,” and descendants of the Yan Emperor and the Yellow Emperor have “yellow skin.” Since ancient times, the color yellow has been inseparably linked with Chinese traditional culture. However, the red color of the packet symbolizes good luck. Red is strictly forbidden at funerals as it is a traditionally symbolic color of happiness; however, as the names of the dead were previously written in red, it may be considered offensive to use red ink for Chinese names in contexts other than official seals.

The interior of the Mao’s Memorial Hall features a circular shape and red carpet inside, reminiscent of Mao’s symbol of the red sun during the Cultural Revolution.


Mausoleum of Mao Zedong, other Buildings BeijingMausoleum of Mao Zedong, other Buildings Beijing-3Mausoleum of Mao Zedong, other Buildings Beijing-2

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