Rijksmuseum Art, Amsterdam MG_9058

One needs an abundance of time when visiting most Museums in Europe. The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam falls into this category and some of its artworks command the visitors to contemplate them at leisure. At this museum, “The Night Watch by Rembrandt” illustrates its importance as the most viewed, talked about “piece de résistance” as much as the “Mona Lisa” at the Louvre Museum in Paris or the painting of Francisco Goya. The Third of May, 1808 at The Prado in Madrid.

Rijksmuseum Art, Amsterdam MG_9058

Rijksmuseum Art MG_ 9080
Still Life with Flowers painting made a great impression.

Rijksmuseum Art, Amsterdam MG_9080

Rijksmuseum Art MG_ 9085
This cabinet with veneered tortoiseshell and ivory fought my eyes.

Rijksmuseum Art, Amsterdam MG_9085

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