Picture of a Berber Guide, Morocco

I thought that this man’s traditional costume warranted a photograph. I approached him and engaged in a conversation, at the end, he graciously allowed me to take a few shot with a smile and a hand shake.

A Berber Guide, Morocco

Fruit Seller, Morocco

Fruit Seller,  Morocco

Man taking a Little Rest, Morocco

Driving the Moroccan Highway and thru the Atlas Mountains present dazzling opportunities to witness first hand a bit of the local people culture, for instance their rural dwellings (huge tents), their farmlands and many captivating phenomenons. You get a chance to appreciate their customs and way of life.

Man taking a little rest, Middle Atlas Mountains,  Morocco

Mother, Son & Donky, Morocco

Mother, Son & Donky, Middle Atlas Mountains,  Morocco

Man & Two DonkeysDriving thru

Man and Two Dunkeys, Middle Atlas Mountains,  Morocco

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