Osprey Holding the Fort_93E6089

Shots taken from my latest visit to the Everglades National Park couple of weeks ago.  I was faced with at least 6 different Osprey nests in almost the same area.  I chose the easiest one to capture this wonderful bird.  The nest was so close and one felt like it could be touched, a heaven for nature photographers.  I took so many shots that I have now a hard time in decision making to post the best of them.  Bear with me people, you’ll have some great shots to admire hopefully.

Osprey Holding the Fort_93E6089-2

There were two juveniles in the nest, (difference in feather colors) and big enough to start flying soon.

Osprey Holding the Fort_93E6089-3

Osprey Holding the Fort_93E6089

For Flowers & Plants sake

Most of these beautiful plants are unknown to me.  I bought the first two be low from a nursery sometime ago and I can’t remember its genus name. It could be from a “Coleus” family of plants, but sure looks pretty.

For Plants sake-1

For Plants sake-2

For Plants sake-3

For Plants sake-4

For Plants sake-5

Bird of Paradise Flower

For Plants sake-6

For Plants sake-7

Fern plants are very popular in nature and can grow everywhere and create undesirable  weeds in other flower pots.  Their strong and long roots make them grow back even after their removal.

For Plants sake-8

For Plants sake-9

For Plants sake-10